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Free delivery in BelgiumFree delivery in Belgium from 5 pairs of socks and delivered in a postal envelope.

The socks are delivered within 2 business days for Belgium (4 at 10 business days for other countries) from the day of paiement receipt and at the address indicated by the customer on the Internet site of Sockalia. During the purchasing process, you can choose another delivery address than your home. In this case, you can decide to be delivered at your office, at a friend's house, ...

Depending on the number of socks, they can be delivered either in one or more postal envelope(s) format A4 (maximum 4 pairs of socks per envelope - maximum 2 envelopes) or in a box. The envelope(s) will be delivered in your mailbox as per normal postal mail. The box will be delivered by the postman. You will be able to make your choice during the order process.

The carrier of Sockalia is the Post. To offer you the best delivery prices, Sockalia gives you the choice between 2 shipping methods:

  1. Secured delivery: more expensive but the delivery is guaranteed by the carrier.
  2. Unsecured delivery: less expensive but not guaranteed by the carrier and at your responsibility in case of loss.

If you are absent at time of delivery, you can go to your local post office to pickup your package within 15 calendar days.

For our customers from Belgium, France and Luxembourg, the delivery can be done in a delivery point of Mondial Relay, close to your home or office. In this case, the delivery price will be indicated during the order process and before the confirmation of your order.

You can also come at Sockalia (in Belgium) to pickup your socks. Call us (0476 61 64 43) to tell what date and time and we will be greatfull to give you your package.

The delivery costs are calculated by pair of socks and include stampind and packaging.

Ordered pairs of socksBelgium Neighbo(u)ring countries:

Germany, France (except Dom-Tom), Luxembourg, Netherlands and United Kingdom


Açores, Autria, Bulgaria, Canary Islands, Cyprus, Denmark, Spain, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Madeira, Malta, Man (Island), Monaco, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, Czech republic

Unsecured deliverySecured deliveryUnsecured deliverySecured deliveryUnsecured deliverySecured delivery
12,01 €/pair5,87 €/pair4,13 €/pair10,21 €/pair4,13 €/pair10,21 €/pair 
21,41 €/pair4,45 €/pair3,93 €/pair6,98 €/pair3,93 €/pair6,98 €/pair 
30,94 €/pair2,97 €/pair2,62 €/pair4,65 €/pair2,62 €/pair4,65 €/pair 
40,70 €/pair2,23 €/pair1,97 €/pair3,49 €/pair1,97 €/pair3,49 €/pair 
5Free1,94 €/pair2,40 €/pair4,02 €/pair2,40 €/pair4,44 €/pair 
6Free1,62 €/pair2,62 €/pair3,35 €/pair2,68 €/pair3,70 €/pair 
7Free1,39 €/pair2,25 €/pair2,87 €/pair2,30 €/pair3,17 €/pair 
8Free1,21 €/pair1,97 €/pair2,51 €/pair2,01 €/pair2,77 €/pair 
9Free1,08 €/pair1,79 €/pair2,23 €/pair1,79 €/pair2,47 €/pair 
10Free0,97 €/pair1,61 €/pair2,01 €/pair1,61 €/pair2,22 €/pair 
11Free0,88 €/pair1,46 €/pair1,83 €/pair1,46 €/pair2,02 €/pair 
12Free0,81 €/pair1,34 €/pair1,68 €/pair1,34 €/pair1,85 €/pair 
13Free0,75 €/pair1,55 €/pair1,55 €/pair2,44 €/pair2,91 €/pair 
14Free0,69 €/pair1,44 €/pair1,44 €/pair2,27 €/pair2,70 €/pair 
15Free0,65 €/pair1,34 €/pair1,34 €/pair2,11 €/pair2,52 €/pair 
16Free0,61 €/pair1,26 €/pair1,26 €/pair1,98 €/pair2,36 €/pair 
17Free0,57 €/pair1,18 €/pair1,18 €/pair1,87 €/pair2,22 €/pair 
18Free0,54 €/pair1,12 €/pair1,12 €/pair1,76 €/pair2,10 €/pair 
19Free0,51 €/pair1,06 €/pair1,06 €/pair1,67 €/pair1,99 €/pair 
20Free0,48 €/pair1,01 €/pair1,01 €/pair1,59 €/pair1,89 €/pair 
21Free0,46 €/pair0,96 €/pair0,96 €/pair1,51 €/pair1,80 €/pair 
22Free0,44 €/pair0,91 €/pair0,91 €/pair1,44 €/pair1,72 €/pair 
23Free0,42 €/pair0,87 €/pair0,87 €/pair1,38 €/pair1,64 €/pair 
24Free0,40 €/pair0,84 €/pair0,84 €/pair1,32 €/pair1,58 €/pair 
25Free0,50 €/pair0,80 €/pair0,80 €/pair1,59 €/pair1,59 €/pair 
26Free0,48 €/pair0,77 €/pair0,77 €/pair1,53 €/pair1,53 €/pair 
27Free0,46 €/pair0,74 €/pair0,74 €/pair1,47 €/pair1,47 €/pair 
28Free0,45 €/pair0,72 €/pair0,72 €/pair1,42 €/pair1,42 €/pair 
29Free0,43 €/pair0,69 €/pair0,69 €/pair1,37 €/pair1,37 €/pair 
30Free0,42 €/pair0,67 €/pair0,67 €/pair1,32 €/pair1,32 €/pair 

Ordered pairs of socksEurope (out EU):

Albania, Andorra, Belarus, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Faroes Islands, Georgia, Gibraltar, Guernsey, Iceland, Jersey, Liechtenstein, Macedonia, Moldavia, Montenegro, Norway, Russia, Martinmas, Serbia, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine, Vatican

Mediterranean bassin:

Algeria, Egypte, Israel, Jordan, Morocco, Syria, Tunisia

Rest of the world:

North America (out USA) - Asia - Africa - Oceania - South America - Central America

Unsecured deliverySecured deliveryUnsecured deliverySecured deliveryUnsecured deliverySecured delivery
13,41 €/pair8,44 €/pair4,04 €/pair9,07 €/pair4,04 €/pair9,07 €/pair
23,25 €/pair5,77 €/pair3,88 €/pair6,40 €/pair3,88 €/pair6,40 €/pair
32,17 €/pair3,84 €/pair2,59 €/pair4,26 €/pair2,59 €/pair4,26 €/pair
41,63 €/pair2,88 €/pair1,94 €/pair3,20 €/pair1,94 €/pair3,20 €/pair
51,98 €/pair3,67 €/pair2,36 €/pair3,67 €/pair2,36 €/pair4,37 €/pair
62,22 €/pair3,06 €/pair2,22 €/pair3,06 €/pair2,59 €/pair4,49 €/pair
71,90 €/pair2,62 €/pair1,90 €/pair2,62 €/pair2,22 €/pair3,85 €/pair
81,66 €/pair2,29 €/pair1,66 €/pair2,29 €/pair1,94 €/pair3,37 €/pair
91,48 €/pair2,04 €/pair1,48 €/pair2,04 €/pair2,17 €/pair2,99 €/pair
101,33 €/pair1,83 €/pair1,33 €/pair1,83 €/pair2,19 €/pair2,69 €/pair
111,21 €/pair1,67 €/pair1,21 €/pair1,67 €/pair1,99 €/pair2,45 €/pair
121,11 €/pair1,53 €/pair1,11 €/pair1,53 €/pair1,83 €/pair2,25 €/pair
132,02 €/pair2,40 €/pair2,02 €/pair2,40 €/pair2,10 €/pair3,73 €/pair
141,87 €/pair2,23 €/pair1,87 €/pair2,23 €/pair2,22 €/pair3,46 €/pair
151,75 €/pair2,08 €/pair1,75 €/pair2,08 €/pair2,07 €/pair3,23 €/pair
161,64 €/pair1,95 €/pair1,64 €/pair1,95 €/pair1,94 €/pair3,03 €/pair
171,54 €/pair1,84 €/pair1,54 €/pair1,84 €/pair2,06 €/pair2,85 €/pair
181,46 €/pair1,74 €/pair1,46 €/pair1,74 €/pair2,16 €/pair2,69 €/pair
191,38 €/pair1,64 €/pair1,38 €/pair1,64 €/pair2,04 €/pair2,55 €/pair
201,31 €/pair1,56 €/pair1,31 €/pair1,56 €/pair1,94 €/pair2,42 €/pair
211,25 €/pair1,49 €/pair1,25 €/pair1,49 €/pair2,07 €/pair2,31 €/pair
221,19 €/pair1,42 €/pair1,19 €/pair1,42 €/pair1,97 €/pair2,20 €/pair
231,14 €/pair1,36 €/pair1,14 €/pair1,36 €/pair1,89 €/pair2,11 €/pair
241,09 €/pair1,30 €/pair1,09 €/pair1,30 €/pair1,81 €/pair2,02 €/pair
251,31 €/pair1,31 €/pair1,31 €/pair1,31 €/pair2,02 €/pair2,61 €/pair
261,26 €/pair1,26 €/pair1,26 €/pair1,26 €/pair2,09 €/pair2,51 €/pair
271,22 €/pair1,22 €/pair1,22 €/pair1,22 €/pair2,01 €/pair2,42 €/pair
281,17 €/pair1,17 €/pair1,17 €/pair1,17 €/pair1,94 €/pair2,33 €/pair
291,13 €/pair1,13 €/pair1,13 €/pair1,13 €/pair2,01 €/pair2,25 €/pair
301,09 €/pair1,09 €/pair1,09 €/pair1,09 €/pair2,07 €/pair2,17 €/pair