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Baladino - Wool
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  • Made in England

    Made in England

  • Long socks

    Long socks

  • 2 patterns

    2 patterns


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Thick and winter-warm, these socks are the ideal choice for hunting and outdoor activities - Shetland wool - PANTHERELLA SCOTT NICHOLS socks - Made in England

Lavage 30°  Séchage modéré - Température réduite  Nettoyage à sec interdit  Blanchiment interdit  Repassage interdit
  • Care instructions: Wash 30° using mild soap for delicate textile
  • Ingredients: 90% Shetland Wool - 10% Nylon. The nylon is only located at toes and heels to reinforce these fragile areas.
  • height (OTC socks) - from ankle: 44 cm (turned down hem)

Baladino - Wool socks

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