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GALLO - 1805 - Cotton

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The new collections winter 2013 are coming out and we would like to give you the opportunity to choose yourself what YOU want to see in our shop.
If you are interested by these socks, you can already make your selection here. The price is 24.25 € TTC for the Over-The-Calf socks and 22.75 € TTC for the short socks.
To participate, it's very easy: before Sunday, the 28th of April 2013,
1) Register here and give us your email, name and address. These data are indispensable to validate your participation. If you are a registered customer, just login with your email and password.
2) To come back on this page, click on the picture of these socks from the left column (or from the link on your newsletter).
3) Select here the color of your choice, the lenght, the size and the quantity you would intend to buy.
4) Click on the Add To Cart button. Please do NOT finalize your order, we will not be able to reimburse you the delivery costs.
The other socks of the winter 2013 collection are available here at the bottom of the page. When the socks you have choosen will be available, we will notify you individually and you will be able to order the socks you have selected. Under no circumstances, the participation to this event commits you to further purchasing.
Do not hesitate to share this information with your relatives and family by clicking on the OK button here on the right column.
Thank you to participate to this exclusive selection.

GALLO - 1805 - Cotton socks

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*Price including 21% VAT for customers living in the European Union (EU). Purchases made by customers outside the EU are exempt from VAT and 21 % of the price will be deducted after registration: Log in

Availability: This combination color-lenght-size is no longer available.

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